Our Ressources

The Funds

Funds made by the public, financial aid offered by other foundations and public communities (Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, Counties and Towns), Distribution Body for the Loterie Romande, partnerships with businesses.

The Partners

Local organizations in concerned countries, NGOs as well as Swiss and Foreign government services and individual expertise that is generously put at our disposal; all those who possess the necessary means to aid us in our mission join in and enable us to take better action.

Why donate to the SURGIR Foundation ?

Currently, the SURGIR Foundation is one of the rare ones interested in the « honour killings ». In countries taking part in this murderous tradition, our Foundation establishes and financially supports missions designed to promote Women’s Rights and emergency rescue. In the majority of cases, our institutional donators condition their financial support to match received funds, through the SURGIR Foundation, that entirely depend on the generosity of our private donors. Help us help, girls and women, victims of violence and contribute to the prevention of honour killings!

The SURGIR Foundation has the support of :



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Donating by money transfer: Banque Cantonale Vaudoise (BCV), CP 300, 1001 Lausanne

For donations in Swiss Francs and currencies other than USD – Euro : Fondation SURGIR, No. de compte S 5010.33.21 No. IBAN CH41 0076 7000 S501 0332 1

In Euro : Fondation SURGIR, Account Number U 5060.57.74 No. IBAN CH27 0076 7000 U506 0577 4

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Donation through Postfinance : CCP 17-359982-1 or Postfinance