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  • Rechercher les filles,
    les femmes et leurs enfants
    victimes de violences
  • Les secourir
  • Les accompagner
  • Combattre avec acharnement,
    seuls ou avec d'autres l'injustice
    originelle ou coutumière qui les broie
  • Alerter la société humaine.

Brochure sur la situation du
crime d'honneur en Europe.
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Colloque organisé par la Fondation SURGIR "Combattre les crimes commis au nom de l'honneur en Europe"

3 mars 2015, Centre International de Conférences, Genève

Martyrisées au nom de l'honneur, des milliers de femmes et jeunes filles subissent chaque année les violations les plus extrêmes de leurs droits fondamentaux, voire la mort. Maquillés en suicide ou en accidents, les meurtres de jeunes femmes au nom de l'honneur sont encore très répandus au Proche-Orient, en Turquie, en Europe du Sud Est, en Amérique Latine et en Asie. Ces crimes d'honneur ont pour origine une tradition millénaire, non religieuse, qui justifie l'assassinat d'une jeune femme par sa famille lorsqu'elle ne se soumet pas au code d'honneur des siens.

Autrefois limités à certaines régions du monde, ces meurtres sont désormais perpétrés en Europe, du fait des flux migratoires. Le Royaume Uni, les Pays-Bas et la Suède dénombrent déjà de nombreux cas sur leur territoire. Les statistiques sont lacunaires et certains crimes passent pour des violences domestiques. En Europe, des assassinats au modes opératoires et pour des motifs similaires ont éveillé l'attention de la Fondation SURGIR depuis quelques années.

Afin d'éveiller les consciences et d'informer les professionnels suisses de la justice, de la police, de l'enseignement, de la santé et du social, la conférence a donné la parole à des acteurs travaillant sur cette question, dans les différentes disciplines en Angleterre, en Suède, en Hollande, en Allemagne et en Suisse.

L'ensemble des interventions sera bientôt disponible dans un rapport rédigé par la Fondation SURGIR.


26/06/2015 : ISIS : An ongoing feminicide - Summary of the report on female survivors to Da'esh in Turkey, Iraqi Kurdistan and Rojava District of Syria. to be published

On March 2015, a delegation of the IADL (International Association of Democratic Lawyers) visited Kurdish areas of Turkey, Iraq and Syria, all areas where thousands of civilians on the run from Dāʿish are currently living.

Members of the delegation conducted legal researches and in-depth investigations in Istanbul as well as in cities and villages in the districts of Mardin and Sanliurfa. They visited tent-cities and other provisional accommodations of refugees, they had official meetings with representatives of local institutions, camps’ managers and armed forces members, and held discussion with women and lawyers’ associations as well as with members of civil society.


24/06/2015 : UN envoy fights to help women suffering sexual violence in the Middle East

This is the story of countless Yazidi women living in Iraq who have been sold into slavery by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) and other terrorist groups, which are using sexual violence as a central aspect of their ideology.

Ms. Bangura recalled these and other stories after she returned from a mission to the Middle East in April during which she met with women and girls who survived sexual violence.


23/06/2015 : PAKISTAN: The life of another human rights defender faces threat to her life

The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) condemns the brutal murder of a peace activist and human rights defender by the so called 'unknown persons' after arranging an open discussion on the gross violation of human rights in Balochistan.

Ms. Sabeen Mahmud, who was receiving life threats from the persons belonging to spy agencies of the security establishment to cancel the talk that had prominent Baloch activists Mama Qadeer, Ms. Farzana Majeed and Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur as panelists. The mysterious calls threatened her with dire consequences if she went ahead with the talk.  Some unknown persons riding on a motorbike wearing helmets shot several bullets at her while she was going back to her home with her mother after the talk. The gunshots killed her while also causing serious injuries to her mother.


22/06/2015 : GENEVA - UN expert urges States to agree to specific legal obligations to fight violence against women and girls

The United Nations Special Rapporteur on violence against women, Rashida Manjoo, called for the creation of a legally binding framework on violence against women and girls within the United Nations human rights system, to ensure State accountability.
“It is time to consider the development and adoption of a United Nations binding international instrument on violence against women and girls, with its own dedicated monitoring body,” Ms. Manjoo said during the presentation of her last report* to the UN Human Rights Council.


22/06/2015 : Iran - Young Woman's Horrific Acid Attack by Father, over Hope to Leave Abusive, Drug Addict Husband

Tahmineh Yousefi is young girl that she’s father threw the acid on her at Qazvin on May 5th this year. After this incident, she’s older brother got her to Qazvin Hospital with private car. But she had been transferred to Accidents and Burning Hospital of Tehran because her face, hands and feet have been burning hardly. Unlucky Tahmineh was in hospital for 20 days, and doctors made 4 skin surgeries on her.


21/06/2015 : Rape in war, by the numbers

We know there’s a problem but we don’t know how big it is. That’s what governments, scholars, and others argue when trying to figure out how to allot funds toward this problem of sexualized violence in conflict. If we don’t know the numbers, they ask, how can we help properly? How can we mount prosecutions? Offer reparations? Put in place proper advocacy? So the thinking goes.


15/06/2015 : In Yemen, a Brief Moment Before Women Were Pushed Aside Again

When protesters in Yemen succeeded in ousting President Ali Abdullah Saleh in 2012, their success stirred hopes for change in a place that had suffered mightily from poverty and corruption for decades under his autocratic rule.


09/06/2015 : Welcome to the Girls Not Brides Resource Centre


09/06/2015 : Isis slave markets sell girls for 'as little as a pack of cigarettes', UN envoy says

UN envoy on sexual violence says abducting girls has become a key part of Isis strategy to recruit foreign fighters in Iraq and Syria over the past 18 months.

Teenage girls abducted by Islamic State fighters in Iraq and Syria are being sold in slave markets “for as little as a pack of cigarettes”, the UN envoy on sexual violence said on Monday. Zainab Bangura visited Iraq and Syria in April, and has since been working on an action plan to address the horrific sexual violence being waged by Isis fighters.


07/06/2015 : PAKISTAN: The reality of Pakistani Christians' suffering under the blasphemy law

Pakistani Christians are now regularly making nation and international headlines, not because they have achieved something, but because of their suffering for being Christians. Thus Pakistan is being maligned by the international community, which is de facto because of the government’s poor policies and obliviousness to Christians’ growing issues. They have been suffering for decades in all walks of their lives, but the government has not been paying any attention because they have no voice - their leadership has neither guts nor a conscience

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