Notre mission

  • Rechercher les filles,
    les femmes et leurs enfants
    victimes de violences
  • Les secourir
  • Les accompagner
  • Combattre avec acharnement,
    seuls ou avec d'autres l'injustice
    originelle ou coutumière qui les broie
  • Alerter la société humaine.

Brochure sur la situation du
crime d'honneur en Europe.
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12/04/2015 : Syrian radio station examines role of women in war

DAMASCUS, Syria — “Prevention, protection, participation” are the three basic concepts behind the “Our Right, Which We Must Demand” promotional campaign Radio Souriat started Feb. 22 to raise awareness about UN Resolution 1325 and to demand the implementation of its provisions as one of the important tools for gender equality during and after wars.


09/04/2015 : Women have ‘very important role’ in Libyan peace process, says UN envoy

Libyan women have a crucial role to play in resolving the crisis in their country, a senior United Nations official said in an address to 250 Libyan women gathered in Tripoli, at a dialogue aimed at including women from all walks of life in the political process.

“We count on Libya women, who were active during the 17 February revolution, to continue to advocate for peaceful solution … We count on you to spread the culture of peace in your communities and to talk and engage with all who have a role to play in brining stability to Libya,” said Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Libya, Bernardino León, via Skype on Saturday.


24/03/2015 : Conférence "Combattre les crimes commis au nom de l'honneur", un journée encourageante pour la lutte contre les crimes d'honneur

Réunissant plus de 140 professionnels, représentants des autorités et membres de la société civile le 3 mars 2015 au CICG, la conférence, "Combattre les crimes commis au nom de l'honneur en Europe", organisée par la Fondation SURGIR fut un véritable succès.
Un grand merci au public présent, aux intervenants, ainsi qu'à la Ville de Genève, à la République et Canton de Genève, à la FEDEVACO et au CICG!



Très concernée par l’augmentation inquiétante du nombre de violences commises au nom de l’honneur sur le territoire européen, la Fondation SURGIR a décidé d’agir afin d’informer et de sensibiliser les professionnels concernés et le public au sujet de cette problématique urgente. A cette fin, la Fondation SURGIR organise une conférence intitulée

"Combattre les crimes commis au nom de l'honneur en Europe"
Le mardi


12/02/2015 : Uganda - Imam Allegedly Beats Daughter to Death for Converting to Christianity

NAIROBI, Kenya (Morning Star News) – A 12-year-old girl who was hospitalized for two weeks after her Muslim father beat her and her sister for converting to Christ last month is traumatized after learning that her sister died from the assault, sources said.

Naigaga Saidah’s father, Imam Abudalah Ali of Bwita mosque in Kaliro District, allegedly beat to death her 15-year-old sister, Namugonya Jamirah, on Dec. 11 after the sisters put their trust in Christ at a five-day evangelistic event that ended that day. Beaten unconscious, Naigaga did not learn of her sister’s death until a pastor had transferred her to safety in another town on Jan. 7, sources said.


03/02/2015 : Inside Syria’s Prisons – Woman’s Testimony

BEIRUT, Lebanon — In the spring of 2011, hundreds of thousands of Syrians rose up in protest to demand democracy and freedom and an end to the dictatorship of the Syrian President. The response of the regime was to escalate the methods of repression that had been tried and tested against political opponents since the 1970s: arbitrary detention, disappearance and torture.

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